Bringing home a baby to your one bedroom apartment

Post date: 30, Jun 2019

Space-saving strategies

Don’t go with the trend and don’t buy everything they try to sell you.

Only buy the essential. Remember that some baby furniture can serve dual purpose. For example, cupboard tops can be used as change tables and baby bed extension can be used to replace a stand-alone baby cot.  A fabric bin can easily store diapers, wipes, and other essentials close by

Rethink your closet 

                                                                     PHOTO: A BIT OF SUNSHINE VIA PINTEREST

Use nooks and alcoves

It may sound a little strange, but if you’ve got a big enough closet, transform it into your nursery. Buy a freestanding wardrobe and move the clothes out and the baby furniture in.

Some closets even have windows, making the space feel roomier. This strategy only works if your closet can actually hold baby furniture, so make sure to measure first.

Bye bye bedroom

When all else fails, consider the selfless option of giving up your bedroom. Converting your room into the nursery gives your new baby a quiet space complete with a door you can close when you need a little separation.

Even with all the nursery furniture and baby toys, you should still have enough room to store your clothes, so that just leaves where you’ll sleep. Pull-out couches, futons and even Murphy beds have all come a long way in comfort and style.