Post date: 12, Oct 2017

We have all heard of how “Abuja is among the top five most expensive places to live in Africa” or how "Abuja property prices are continually rising through the roof because of continuing rural-urban migration" or how "living in Abuja is only for the high and wealthy".

Unfortunately all the comments above are true and kind of depict the reality of the situation in our dear Abuja.

Average rental prices for a 4-bedroom house has sky rocked from a modest N800k in1994 when my family first moved here to over N3.5m per annum in places like Asokoro, Maitama, Gwarimpa and Wuse.

However, it is not all gloomy and depressing because if you take you time to study Abuja properly and do a little research, there still are places that are worth checking out. These places are all within 30kms from the city centre and all have an average travel time of 40mins or less during off-peak hours, they may lack the glamour and fines of the likes of Maitama and Asokoro but trust me they are still very affordable for many people earning an upward of N60 to 100k a month.


Believe it or not, kubwa falls into my top 5 places under N500K in Abuja. Kubwa has been around for a long time I believe its one of the oldest suburbs in Abuja, it is mainly residential and densely populated. It is 25 mins from the Central business district of Abuja and is on the right side of the Murtala Mohammed expressway peak traffic is between 6.00am to 10am and 4.00pm to 7.30pm. So you might want to leave home early or come back later.


Like kubwa, Lugbe is worth checking out for three reasons, first it is very close to the Abuja airport if you work at the airport, secondly, it is only 17Kms from Abuja Central Business district, and for all you soccer fans Lugbe is only a 10mins drive from the national Stadium. Lugbe sits right there in the middle of all the action. And trust me with the right website and agent you can still find a place to live under N500K in Lugbe


I might sound a bit sentimental because of my attachment to this suburb but honestly, Karu makes the list because you truly would not find a more decent place to live in Abuja for under N500k. Karu boasts of a well-equipped government hospital and an excellent security network. However, the positives of Karu have long been overshadowed by a traffic epidemic that no one seems to be able to find a solution too. The karu end of the Abuja-Keffi highway is known for its notorious traffic at peak hours. So if you don’t mind the traffic and can find a productive way of spending that time the ill advise you to go for it.


Even thou kuje sits outside my 30 km radius, it is still worth a mention. It is sparsely populated when compared to the other suburbs mentioned earlier. Kuje has grown from an obscure Suburb only known for hosting one of Nigeria’s biggest prison to a low-income housing heaven, 40kms from the City centre would sound like a lot of travel for most people, but if you a renting on a budget this is where you should be looking.


I could not conclude without mentioning Bwari, thou another suburb outside my 30kms radius Bwari boasts of an urban living with a semi rural twist. Bwari and its surrounding suburbs are seen by many including myself as the last major stronghold of the Gbagyi people in Abuja. Bwari boost of some of the best road network of all the suburbs I have mentioned and seem to be the only suburb that is continual innovating itself to be at the forefront of urban planning in the Federal Capital Territory FCT and is an ideal place to start life and raise a young family, again if you don’t mind a long commute.