Apr 24, 2020

Can you rent a house during the Covid-19 Lockdown?

Well, you can – but it’s recommended to avoid it if possible, at least until lockdown is over as to limit the risk of catching or spreading coronavirus. The most important thing to do, if possible, is to put all transactions on hold and agree an extension to your current agreement with your existing landlord, If for any reason this cannot be done and you have no choice but to move, then the government advice regarding social distancing should be adhered to.


The world must still keep spinning (mostly), so many estate agents and landlords are offering a new method of viewing flats: via video.

 Renting during the coronavirus lockdown has become very difficult, the market has dropped precipitously, the situation is that more renters will likely be forced to move out of their properties due to financial difficulties.


However, renting is still possible, of course tenants can look at photographs of properties online. Existing tenants are also doing their part to help out. ‘Where properties are occupied, some tenants have been fantastically helpful and offered to do the videos themselves. Our own consultants are only visiting properties that have been empty for some time. is continuing to monitor the situation in Nigeria and will soon be introducing a video feature to allow agents and landlords post video of properties to assist prospective tenants make decisions. We will ensure that the videos are as detailed as possible to help people get comfortable with shopping for a home they can’t actually visit yet.  ‘If you get sent a video of a property that poses more questions than it answers, don’t feel pressured into signing on the dotted line. ‘Make sure you ask more questions and request additional video evidence if necessary. If the agent has nothing to hide, they will be more than happy to oblige.’