Mar 09, 2020

Mattress cleaning guide: How to remove stains and smells

Many people forget to clean their mattresses on a regular basis. Even a good quality mattress will, in its lifetime, be subjected to stains and bad odours. Even if you use the best bedding or a mattress topper, you still need to occasionally clean your mattress.

Think about it. When did you last clean your mattress? Cleaning your mattress and bedding is even more important than having your beautiful carpet cleaned from time to time. Besides eliminating dust and removing sweat stains or dead skin, there are many reasons to consider giving your mattress a good clean.

Four benefits of having a clean mattress

Peace of mind. To enjoy better sleep, you want to be sleeping on a clean mattress. When you miss out on sleep, you run the risk of sleep disorders and stress. The best thing to do is to sleep on a clean and hygienic mattress to rest easier and sleep without any worries.

Manage your allergies. A dirty mattress is a breeding ground for insects like dust mites and bed bugs. These pests can trigger allergy-related health complications like eczema, asthma, rhinitis and even sinusitis. Cleaning your mattress will help to remove these mites and dust from your bedroom. 

Better bedroom air quality. To enjoy the recommended eight hours of sleep, it’s important to maintain healthy indoor air quality. If your mattress is dusty, you breathe in dust particles. This can lead to health complications and make it hard to sleep peacefully.