Dec 12, 2019

Negotiating a better Rent

If you've found a property you want (or renewing an existing rent), and you wish the price were lower, be strategic and take action. You never get anything unless you ask, so here are tips for negotiating lower rent.

Know the rental market: Rental rates are not a secret, but they can change from day to day. It helps to know what similar property in the area is going for.

Consider the time of year:Timing is everything. The best time to think about negotiating your rent is when, vacancies are high and are able to leave if you don’t get what you want.

Sell yourself as a good tenant: Get a letter from previous landlords or neighbour which say you pay your rent-on time and don’t cause problems.  Would go a long way.

If you’re trying to renew your rent and want a better deal don’t be afraid to remind your landlord or agent of your good deeds like paying your rent on time and helped out around the compound.