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Oct 05, 2019

Should my landlord have spare keys to my rental

Generally, there is nothing stopping a property owner holding keys. There is no law prohibiting the Landlord from holding keys, as long as they comply with the entry requirements and give appropriate notice or get consent from the tenant

You are entitled to 'quietly enjoy' of the property you are renting. This means that your landlord has to let you use the property peacefully and must allow you to exercise all of your legal rights. 

Your landlord may have keys to your property but does not have the right to enter at any time. The only time your landlord has right of access is to check for any necessary repairs and to do this they need to give you at least 24 hours’ notice. This could be less in an emergency, but your agreement must still be sought before the landlord can enter your property. 

if you are worried that your landlord is entering the property while you are out it may be possible for you to change the lock, but please take our advice before doing this.