Oct 01, 2020

Tips to Avoid Being Scammed When Hunting For a New House

Your rental experience may become a real disaster if you do not prepare to enter the market. Having some basic knowledge about the scammers and their techniques is a must for everyone who wants to rent a place successfully without dealing with frauds and their shady schemes. We prepared an ultimate list of tips that will teach you how to spot a rental scammer while looking for a perfect place.

1. Dealing In Cash Is A Bad Start

The most popular way of performing shady money operations is working in cash only. The reason why it’s so important for crooks to deal with real cash is the fact that this money simply cannot be traced. So once you’ve paid them the money for a new cozy place, they have all the time in the world to get away with your money.

An agent who aims to scam you will always insist on paying cash and will simply move on to the next prospect if you refuse.

2. Never Rent Without Having A Look At The Actual Place

Having a chance to look at the place you plan to rent should be the number one priority for you and once this requirement is not met, you can skip that landlord.

Any landlord who is really planning to rent out the place is ready to show it and confirm that it actually looks like the pictures he provided on the website. arrange a house visit and evaluate the real property condition.

This also goes to those who are trying to rent a place in the other city while working on the relocation process. Basically, even if this situation you should ensure that your friend, family member or your trustee pays a visit to the landlord’s unit and takes a look at it.

Even though there are lots of scammers who actually have access to the property, insisting on a house tour is a huge step towards a more transparent rental process.

3. Always Sign A Written Lease

The only form of lease that you should consider is a written one. It might eventually become the only evidence you have. All lease contracts should be signed by both parties: a homeowner and a tenant.

If you decide to deal with a physically existing contract, you’ll have to make sure:

That landlord’s sign is there to (the best way to achieve that is signing the lease in the presence of each other right after you decide to rent the house) That you get a copy of this contract, not only the landlord/Agent.

4. Make Sure Your Lease Identifies The Owner As Well

Your lease agreement should include the actual homeowner name in order to ensure that the house is rented out legally. Anyone who is trying to personate a trustee or says that he’s working on behalf of the owner should have the corresponding documents proving this fact.

This, by the way, also goes to the situations where the documents state that this house has two owners, cause in this case, you should ask for a written confirmation from the second owner that he is aware of the rental process and approves the rental agreement.

5. Sub-leasing Is Not A Great Idea

Sub-leasing can be the shakiest and the most dangerous thing you can get yourself into. Checking whether the original tenant has the rights to sub-lease the place is unbelievably hard and you can never be sure that everything is alright and you’re not becoming a part of rental scams there.

6. Always use

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