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Properties in Nigeria is a rental website where you can search for properties in Nigeria and connect the people who own the property and wants to give the place for rent. Find the perfect place for you to live in Nigeria that will not only fit your budget but also fit your neighborhood taste. The major goal of is to make the searching process of the renters easier. There are several properties, homes, and apartments to choose from here that will give you your desired place in a great neighborhood in Nigeria. You can also find properties and houses for rent in prominent cities of Nigeria such as Lagos and Abuja.

Houses and property for rent in Abuja and Lagos

Apartments, houses, and properties for rent in Lagos and Abuja in Nigeria are concurrently expensive with its luxury. The more facilities that you look for more expensive the rent is going to be. Popular areas in Lagos Island range in the price from N300,000 to N40,000,000. makes the process of finding property for rent in Lagos easy, at cost-effective rates. Residents of the Lagos Island enjoy a peaceful and well-secured environment with all the basic comforts being provided adequately. And to take part in this, there are well built Bungalow, Duplex, Detached House, Semi-Detached House, Mansion, Penthouse, Mini flat, and Townhouses for rent on the Lagos Island.

Meanwhile, the Apartments, houses, and properties for rent in Lagos mainland are relatively inexpensive because of the commercial activities in the mainland. There are many commercial properties such as warehouse, office space, workstations, tank farms, schools, halls and hotels for rent in Lagos mainland that can give your business a facelift. Along with workspaces, there are many houses and apartments for rent in Lagos. The price range of a property in Lagos mainland can range from N150,000 to N5,000,000 per year depending on the size of the apartment and your chosen location.